Disabled Cocker Spaniel’s Wheelchair Is Stolen During Car Theft


Violet is a triumphant pup that has faced her struggles head on and thrived despite her disabilities. The Camp Cocker Rescue has supported her through each step of her journey, but now they’re in need of some help.

Violet is lucky enough to have scored herself a permanent foster home with a dedicated foster fur mom. Though her foster mom has done everything in her power to help Violet succeed, there are some things that are just out of her control.


Just a few days ago, Violet’s foster mom’s car was stolen in the parking lot of her home. Though the theft itself is difficult enough to process, the car also held several of Violet’s supplies for her continued care. In the car was Violet’s custom wheelchair, her special boots, her car seat, and her backpack.

Violet was welcomed into the Camp Cocker Rescue in 2017 when she was surrendered to the Los Angeles County Animal Shelter. She was completely down in her back end due to severe atrophy of the muscles in her hind legs, meaning they had deteriorated to the point where she had no strength to walk.


The Camp Cocker Rescue had initially tried to find her an adopter, but due to her round the clock medical care, she was better suited as a permanent member of the forever foster club. With the love of her forever foster mom and the specialty care she has received in the program; she has improved immensely since her start in 2017.

Camp Cocker Rescue

Violet went from being completely paralyzed in her back end, to now standing on her own and even taking a few steps. Though she has made incredible strides, she still relies on her custom wheelchair to help her live life as a “handi-capable” pup. Her wheelchair helped to change her life, so the loss of something so important is a huge set back for this sweet girl.

Camp Cocker Rescue

The Camp Cocker Rescue has ordered her a new set of wheels along with her other supplies, but an additional purchase like this is quite hefty and takes away from the funds that were raised for her daily care. Violet and her rescuers are calling out to dog lovers everywhere for a helping hand in raising the funds to make up for this unexpected purchase.

If you are interested in helping the Camp Cocker Rescue, you can make a donation to Violet’s personal fund here.

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Image Source: the_amazing_violet/Instagram  & Camp Cocker Rescue

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How To Celebrate Your Dog This Holiday Season

With Christmas approaching, you’re likely trying to find the perfect gifts for your loved ones. When it comes to your dog, you might think a new toy or a delicious treat is the best way to show them you care, but this holiday season, you need to celebrate your dog. Show them you love them more than you usually do and give them something they’ll never forget.

iHeartDogs has partnered with “I and love and you” because they know exactly how to make your dog feel special, especially this time of year. They know that love is a priority, so they’ve created a line of dog food and treats that your dog won’t be able to resist this Christmas. So, how exactly can “I and love and you” help you celebrate your dog this holiday season?

Give Them the Best Food

“I and love and you” believes the best way to show your dog you love them is to give them the perfect dog food. That’s why they’ve created a dog food that is both healthy and delicious.

They have a variety of food and treats for your furry friends to choose from including Baked & Saucy, which is a tasty dry food covered in bone broth, and Stir and Boom, which is a delicious raw meal that you just need to add water to. All their food is full of beneficial ingredients since they do not add anything to their food that your dog doesn’t need.

Choose the Perfect Stocking Stuffers

“I and love and you” has more to offer your pup than just a delicious meal this holiday season. They have lots of other products that can fill their stocking. For example, the Top That meal enhancers are the perfect stocking stuffers. They’ll be sure to make meal time more exciting for your dog.

“I and love and you” also has a wide selection of treats and chews that your dog will love. Choose from jerky, beef strips, bully stix, and more! Even the pickiest dogs will find something tasty to munch on, plus it’s all safe and easily digestible. Also, if your dog loves being festive, “I and love and you” has some adorable bandanas for the holidays.

Surprise Them with a Gift Box

“I and love and you” products feature box bundles with a variety of their amazing products for a great price. They even have special Holiday gift boxes that come with some of the best dog gifts this Christmas. These bundles include exciting items such as jerky bites, breath bones, and adorable Christmas bandanas. For every Christmas bundle purchased, a meal will be donated to a shelter dog that’s waiting for a home.

Show Them the Love They Deserve!

Most importantly, you should always remember to show your dog you love them, especially this holiday season. Make sure you spend lots of quality time with your pup, and don’t forget to feed them the tasty and healthy food that they deserve. Love is a priority for “I and love and you”, so make love a priority for your dog this season by giving them the best food possible.

Love starts with serving your dog tasty, high-quality food, so this holiday season, let your dog try “I and love and you”! Not only do they have a wide selection of food, but they also have tasty treats, chews, and toppers. Your dog will be as healthy as can be while enjoying the delicious flavors that they crave.

Your dog deserves the best this Christmas, so “I and love and you” will give your dog the most incredible holiday possible! “I and love and you” even has a special offer for the iHeartDogs community! You can get $15 off any order with the code WOOF15! It’s never too soon to start preparing the perfect Christmas for your dog.

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Sorry, But This All Dog Nativity Play Is Better Than Yours

If you’re planning on putting up a Nativity play this year, you’ve got some real big shoes to fill. The best Nativity play I’ve ever seen happened in England with the cutest cast of actors: all dogs. And lucky for us all that event was captured on camera.

Wags to Riches, a family grooming service, has absolutely mastered the art of the group dog photo. This, as many of us dog people know, is no easy feat. Thank goodness for that, because they brought us the most iconic Christmas photo of the last few years.

On Twitter, Wags to Riches shared some behind the scenes pictures from a nativity play they put on with their pups and pup clients. Because it’s incredible, it obviously went viral. The tweet has over 1400 retweets and 3100 likes.


Unfortunately, Frankie the Golden Retriever has since gone to the Rainbow Bridge, according to Wags to Riches. I’m glad he got to be a star in life!

Is this a perfect picture or what? The towel and blanket based costuming is a little light, but the attention to detail is elsewhere. The hay on the floor, the shining star, and of course the little puppy Jesus in the manger.

The following year, the tradition continued with even more roles cast in the Nativity play. A star, an angel, and even a farm animal featured.


How were these roles cast, you wonder? Apparently there was an audition process. Don’t worry, they captured this too!


As to how this was pulled off so perfectly, Wags to Riches owners Toby and Jo told The Dodo it wasn’t hard.

“They were all happy to sit for the photo. It’s amazing what dogs will do for a biscuit.”

And of course the puppy remained so patient in the manger because… it’s not real. It’s a ceramic figurine. Still, as photographers these two clearly have skill. They’ve done photoshoots for other holidays too.


They even recreated the royal wedding!


Jo writes on Wags to Riches’ website how her part-time business turned into a full-time love affair.

“I started grooming and walking dogs on a part time basis, just a few hours a week, fitting dogs in around family commitments and the school runs. As demand increased for both dog walking and grooming, things rapidly became busier and busier… so my husband Toby joined me.”

Follow Wags to Riches on Twitter for more wholesome content like this!

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Featured Image: @to_wags/Twitter

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Santa Visits Romanian Shelter Each Year To Pass Out Toys & Goodies

Sava’s Safe Haven is a family-run animal shelter in Galati, Romania. Since 2012, veterinary technician Alexandra Sava has worked alongside relatives and friends to care for dogs, cats, birds, and rabbits in need.

Every holiday season, the family prepares a special holiday event for the pets in their care.

Photo via Sava’s Safe Haven/Facebook

They gather donated toys, treats, food, and supplies from all over the world, and pile them into Santa’s sack. On Christmas Day, Sava’s father or brother dons a festive red suit complete with fluffy white beard, and delivers the gifts to the delighted dogs.

Photo via Sava’s Safe Haven/Facebook

“We do this because some of the shelter animals are here for over 6 years,” Sava told the Good News Network. “Unfortunately due to various reasons their chances of adoption are low, and they deserve to feel the spirit of Christmas!”

Photo via Sava’s Safe Haven/Facebook

Unfortunately, Romania is notorious for its large stray dog population. Even the animals that are kept as pets are not treated as beloved companions like they are in other areas of the world.

Dogs are often kept chained without proper food, shelter, or veterinary care. The problem is further compounded by the fact that people rarely spay and neuter their pets.

Photo via Sava’s Safe Haven/Facebook

Sava’s Safe Haven is currently home to about 270 animals awaiting adoption. Many will live out the majority of their lives at the shelter. That’s why Sava and her crew go out of their way to make the animals feel special – especially around the holidays.

“We make our best to save animals and offer them a better life in our shelter until they find their home,” says Sava.

Photo via Sava’s Safe Haven/Facebook

This year’s Christmas celebration will not take place until Christmas Eve, but the folks at Sava’s Safe Haven have documented the heartwarming highlights from the past 6 years. All of the videos can be viewed on their website.

Check out the 2018 festivities below and be sure to follow the shelter on Facebook or Instagram to see this year’s adorable footage!

In addition to offering shelter, love, and care to the dogs of Romania, the Sava family also organizes community outreach programs. They provide spaying and neutering services as well as food and veterinary care to animals living in poorer villages.

You can help support the Sava’s Safe Haven mission and ensure that the dogs in their care have many wonderful holidays to come by making a donation or virtually adopting a dog.

H/T to The Good News Network

Featured Image via Sava’s Safe Haven/Facebook

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Frenchie Mercury Transforms From Paralyzed Pup To Shining Star!

freddy cover

The Mr.Mo Project is an organization dedicated to finding loving homes and lifetime support for senior dogs in need. Though their typical rescues are often grey in the face, they just couldn’t turn away a spunky French Bulldog puppy with an incredible will to persevere.

freddy photos

Chris and Mariesa Hughes were notified of a tiny Frenchie puppy with a devastating spinal defect that left him unable to use his back legs. Though their rescue is dedicated to the support of senior dogs in need, they decided to go ahead and meet the adorable French Bulldog puppy anyways. Once they laid eyes this small yet vivacious pup, they just couldn’t say no.

freddy photos

They immediately welcomed the paralyzed puppy into the care of the Mr.Mo project, and even gave him a name that fit his outgoing personality. They named him Freddy Mercury in honor of the animated singer, and this name couldn’t have been more fitting!

freddy photos

Despite the severe spinal defect that Freddy was born with, he still had a personality that could brighten anyone’s day. Though he was unable to move his back legs, he was determined to defy the odds and become the playful and outgoing puppy he knew he could be.

The Mr.Mo project immediately began his therapy process, which included the addition of his very own custom wheelchair. With this incredible rescue by his side, he began his journey to recovery.

freddy photos

As each day went on, Freddy’s back legs grew stronger and stronger. The legs that once drug behind him as he moved, were soon standing proud with the assistance of his wheelchair. His foster parents brought him around town in his wheelchair, enrolled him in puppy therapy, and helped him perform exercises that would build up the muscles in his back legs.

After three months of diligent rehab and TLC, Freddy Mercury is now zooming around his foster home, hopping up handicapped ramps, and playing alongside his foster fur siblings. When looking at this triumphant pup now, you would never know the physical challenges he faced in his past.

freddy photos

“Frenchie Mercury” is an incredible example of how with the help of a dedicated animal lover, any dog can make a miraculous recovery! We’re sending a huge thank you to the Mr.Mo project, and everyone who has participated in Freddy’s journey.

Image Source: Frenchy_mercury/Instagram & mrmoproject/Instagram

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Family Devastated After Veterinarian Accidentally Euthanizes The Wrong Dog

ziggy cover

A Utah family is dealing with the emotional aftermath of losing their Beloved pup, Ziggy. After being rushed to emergency surgery with an intestinal blockage, the veterinary office made a devastating mistake.

Ziggy’s family became concerned when the dachshund puppy began to experience difficulty breathing, along with the inability to keep his food or water down. They rushed their furry companion to the emergency vet closest to their home, where they learned that he would need emergency surgery.


Ziggy had an intestinal blockage that was a result of eating something he shouldn’t have. This is a common medical problem in the dog world, with dogs being so keen to grab just about everything they can. In cases like these, dogs will need to have the blockage surgically removed before the intestines are severely impacted, or the result is often death. With this critical prognosis, the Martinez family agreed to do whatever it took to help save Ziggy.


During the surgery, the veterinarian found Ziggy’s situation to be much more severe than it had originally appeared on X-ray. His intestines had been significantly damaged, and the procedure would be much more extensive. Due to high complication rate of a procedure like this, the veterinarian made the decision to call the family to give them the choice of proceeding or putting Ziggy to sleep.

The veterinary staff reached out to Ziggy’s family to ask them the difficult question, where the family then made the choice to go ahead and let him go instead of going forward with the surgery. Hours later, the awful truth came to light.


The staff at the clinic hadn’t contacted the Martinez family at all, but instead accidentally called the owners of another sick dog named Ziggy in the hospital. They had gotten permission to euthanize Ziggy Martinez, but from the wrong owner.

“They were still in the middle of surgery when they called the other person asking, ‘it’s going to be more expensive, it’s going to be a more extended surgery, do you want to continue it or do you want to let him go?’ They chose to let him go.” – Andrea Martinez

Though the Martinez family understands that Ziggy’s prognosis was poor, they of course would have liked to have made the decision on their own. They would have chosen to proceed with the surgery, and they just wish they had that opportunity.

The veterinary office has been extremely apologetic in the aftermath of this awful mistake. They have since covered the entire bill, ordered him a special urn for his ashes, and gifted them with a Christmas ornament in Ziggy’s honor. The Martinez family has chosen not to sue the hospital, as they realize that this was a grave mistake, and the clinic taking the steps to make sure something like this never happens again.


“Thank you everyone for your kind words and prayers! We really do appreciate it and feel the love. I have chosen to not mention the Vets name and to not sue because it was a honest mistake, they owned it, and are taking steps to make things okay. Ziggy was really sick and from the sounds of it I’m not sure he would’ve even made it after all said and done. I do wish we would’ve had to chance to find out though but life happens and we have to learn to adjust and learn and grow from it. I will forever miss him but at least I know he’s not in pain anymore.” – Andrea Martinez

We are sending all our love to the Martinez family, and hope they are able to find comfort during this difficult time.

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Image Source: AndreaMartinez/Facebook

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Furever We Love Dog Rescue

How my wife and I started a rescue devoted to rehoming dogs who’ve lost their families to debility or death.

My wife and I are what people commonly refer to as “crazy dog people.” But I guess it kinda goes with the territory. After all, we have six, no, wait … one, two, yeah, six of our own. So it’s only natural that a dog-loving couple who both are either extremely big-hearted or just downright nuts would take their passion for canines to the next level. Surely you can see this coming from a mile away, right? Yep, we started our own dog rescue.

Furever We Love Dog Rescue is now in its first year of operation. Our mission is to find new and loving homes for pups whose owners have moved into assisted living, are seriously ill, are in hospice care or who have passed away.

This is not an easy thing. When we began the rescue, we obviously hoped that every single move we made and every single dog we res- cued, from whatever unfortunate situation they found themselves in, would work out perfectly.

Greta Thunberg Named the Time Magazine Person of Year for 2019

Just the news that the world needs now! Greta Thunberg, the 16 year-old climate activist and voice of millions of concerned citizens, has been named the Time Magazine Person of Year for 2019. Greta is the youngest person ever to receive this honor, and certainly deserves that recognition and so much more. As Edward Felsenthal, Time’s editor in chief, said about their choice, “She was a solo protestor with a hand-painted sign 14 months ago. She’s now led millions of people around the world, 150 countries, to act on behalf of the planet.”


Theo The Bulldog Is Completely In Love With Metal Bowls

Most dogs have a favorite toy, blanket, or bed that they can’t live without. For Theo the Bulldog, that favorite item is a metal bowl! Ever since he was a puppy, Theo has had a strange fascination with bowls. Specifically, metal bowls that he can hold and carry around. He treats them like they’re his toys and he just can’t live without them! So, his family has embraced this strange behavior to make Theo as happy as possible.

Image: @bulldog_dad/Instagram

When Theo was a puppy, his parents began to notice his bowl obsession right away. He would randomly stand with his two front paws in the water bowl. Whenever he’d finish his food, he’d take the bowl and play with it after. If his water got low, he’d try to spill the remaining water so that he could play with that bowl too.

Since his family didn’t want him to keep spilling his food and water, they decided to buy him some bowls of his own to play with. They quickly learned that he preferred metal bowls over plastic ones because they have an edge that’s easier for him to grab onto. 

Image: @bulldog_dad/Instagram

The Start of Theo’s Bowl Obsession

Once Theo was given his own bowls to play with, he became very excited. He takes them everywhere with him whether he’s sleeping near them, playing with them, or chewing on them. He carries them throughout the house and even outside! It is very rare to see Theo without a bowl.

Image: @bulldog_dad/Instagram

“It’s almost like a pacifier. Like a security blanket,” said Theo’s dad.

However, by spending so much time with these bowls, they get very dirty over time. So, they have to go in the dishwasher often. 

If Theo sees his bowls getting put in the dishwasher, then he is not happy. He will sit near the dishwasher to make sure they are okay. So, his parents make sure to only wash his bowls when he’s not in the room to avoid worrying him too much. 

Image: @bulldog_dad/Instagram

A Life Full of Bowls

Now, Theo has lots of bowls to make him happy. He likes to always have one in his sight, so his family leaves bowls throughout the house so that their sweet dog never has to be without one. Plus, if he can’t find a bowl, he’ll go straight to the water bowl, dump the water out, and then carry it around.

Image: @bulldog_dad/Instagram

He has metal bowls of all different shapes and sizes. He has massive bowls, normal sized bowls, and even baby bowls. His dad thinks that the smallest ones are likely his favorite because they’re light and easy to carry around. As much as Theo loves the larger bowls too, they can sometimes be more difficult for him to pick up. 

“He’ll let you know whenever he wants a bowl. Even if he has one sitting beside him, he wants a specific one,” said his dad.

Theo is a very happy dog with lots of exciting bowls to keep him entertained. His parents still aren’t exactly sure why he loves the bowls so much, but they have embraced his quirkiness. Theo is such a lucky dog to have a family that supports him and cares for him so much.

Image: @bulldog_dad/Instagram

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