Foster Drive-Thru Program Helps Save Over 80 Dogs During COVID Scare

Like many other rescues and shelters, the Kern County animal shelters in California had to close due to the coronavirus. However, they had over 150 animals still in their care. They couldn’t stand to see so many dogs alone in cages during the quarantine.

So, to help these dogs get out of the shelter, Kern County Animal Services launched a foster drive-thru. They posted a live video on social media as a call for help, encouraging more people to foster dogs during this difficult time. To their surprise, they were soon overwhelmed with kind responses.

“We rely on the public to adopt. When we don’t have that avenue we’re left with no option to get animals out of the shelter. It’s not healthy to have an animal sit in a cage for 30 days,” said Nick Cullen, the director of Kern County Animal Services.

Image: @KernCountyAnimalServices/Facebook

The Drive-Thru Foster Program

To foster one of these dogs, all people have to do is fill out an application and drive to the shelter. The shelter is technically closed to the public, so no one even needs to get out of their car. Foster parents just have to wait in the car while the staff gathers everything they need, including one lucky pup!

The staff expected to get a few kind dog lovers to step forward, but they could never have predicted what happened next. Suddenly, more people than ever were coming forward to foster. In only one day, they found foster homes for 88 animals!

“What we’ve seen from the community is like nothing we’ve seen before,” said Cullen. “We’re floored with the response.”

Image: Kayli Comfort Facebook

This event was so successful that they decided to continue it the next day. They hope to find temporary homes for every animal at their shelters. No animal should be left behind during this time of uncertainty.

Are There Still Animals In Need?

Currently, there are still some animals at the shelters, and they keep getting more dogs in with each passing day. So, if you live in the Kern County, California area, consider taking in one of these dogs. You can check their Facebook page for updates about their drive-thru foster program.

Image: @KernCountyAnimalServices/Facebook

The Sad Truth

More and more people are surrendering their dogs during this tough time, so shelters need all the help they can get. There have not been any cases of dogs becoming sick with COVID-19, and there is no evidence of humans catching it from dogs. So, there’s no reason to avoid helping a dog in need. 

Even if you don’t live near these shelters, you can check with your local shelters. They all likely need more fosters and more donations. This is a scary time for everyone, but just imagine how the dogs in shelters are feeling right now. It’s heartwarming to see so many people willing to foster these dogs, so thank you to everyone that has helped make a difference.

Image: @KernCountyAnimalServices/Facebook

Featured Image: Kayli Comfort Facebook and @KernCountyAnimalServices/Facebook

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