3 Best Dog Clippers for Bichon Frise Review and Buying Guide 2020

There are several dog breeds all over the world. If you want to know the exact number, it is somewhere over 200 breeds. Bichon Frise, which is a small dog, is one of the breeds. This attractive dog is known for its friendliness and its fluffy white double coat.

Due to their thick fur, Bichon Frise requires regular grooming to keep them in top condition. You need the best dog clippers for bichon fries to get the best results when grooming your dog. If you use regular clippers, you will have a hard time cutting the long and thick hair. If you are looking for the best clippers for your Bichon Frise puppy, take a look at these products.

Oster Two Speed Pet Grooming Clipper

Best Overall Clippers for Bichon Frise Overall:

Oster Two Speed Pet Grooming Clipper

Bousnic Cordless Dog Clippers

Best Cordless Clippers for Bichon Frise:

Bousnic Cordless Dog Clippers

AIBORS High Power Dog Clippers

Best Quiet Clippers for Bichon Frise:

AIBORS High Power Dog Clippers

Best Overall Clippers for Bichon Frise Overall

Oster Two Speed Pet Grooming Clipper
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Oster Two Speed Pet Grooming Clipper

Planning to trim your Bichon Frise? You need a high-quality clipper. Oster Two Speed Golden clipper is the best when it comes to clipping long-haired dogs like Bichon Frise. It features a super quiet two-speed motor that cuts thick fur with a lot of ease. Due to its quiet nature, the clipper will not scare your pet. Its wide blade lets you clip a lot of hair in a single sweep.

What we loved about the Oster A5 is its detachable blade system that allows you to change blades to achieve desired cuts. You can go from high-speed settings to low speed if you want to make precise cuts by just flicking a switch. The blades are cryogenically treated to harden them and make them durable. This gives long-lasting performance.

You can also use the clipper alongside guide combs that are bought separately. You can easily slide the guide combs onto the clippers to achieve a perfect finish. Its casing is chew-proof to prevent your pooch from damaging it in case the clipper finds itself in your dog’s mouth.

Best Cordless Clippers for Bichon Frise

Bousnic Cordless Dog Clippers
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Bousnic Cordless Dog Clippers

You don’t have to take your long-haired Bichon Frise to a saloon when you can groom her at home. With the Bousnic Cordless Dog Clippers, you will have everything you need for a perfect trim. It sold together with a cleaning brush, 4 different combs, an oil bottle, and a pair of scissors made of stainless steel.

The Bousnic clipper is skin-friendly and whisper quiet. As a result, it will not cause any injuries to your dog’s skin. Its low vibration ensures that it doesn’t disturb your dog. Its main standout feature is its cordless design. You can groom your dog anywhere. You are not limited to grooming your dog next to a power outlet.

It comes with a built-in rechargeable battery. The clipper is fitted with a digital battery indicator to let you know when the battery is fully charged. Its 2-speed blades allow you to give a pretty finish to your dog’s coat using the higher speed or precise cuts using the low speed setting.

Best Quiet Clippers for Bichon Frise

AIBORS High Power Dog Clippers
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AIBORS High Power Dog Clippers

A quiet clipper helps your dog to stay relaxed so that they don’t get afraid of having their hair cut. That is why AIBORS high power dog clipper is very popular. Its low noise and low vibration design ensure that it does not produce any sound above 50 decibels. That’s not all, this clipper is designed with four adjustable blade levels. You can adjust the levels of the blade to achieve various cuts.

It is equipped with a powerful 12V motor that can handle thick pet hairs with ease. Its long-life battery ensures that you don’t have to worry about power supply when clipping your dog. Its titanium-ceramic blade is detachable and can cut even heavy pet hair without overheating. You can adjust the blade size to clip hair at different lengths.

Besides the clipper, you also get a set of tools that include guide combs, bags and cleaning brush. AIBOORS dog clipper is reasonably priced and comes with a 12 months’ warranty. Its two-speed motor setting allows you to choose from a high-speed or low-speed motor setting. Switching between these two-speed levels is easy.

How to Trim a Bichon

Due to the nature of their coats, a Bichon Frise requires high-end grooming. They require regular trimming at least once every four weeks to take care of their coats. If their coats are left untrimmed, it might grow longer to the point of the hair getting into your dog’s eyes. This might impair their sight and cause discomfort to your dog. Here is how you can keep your dog trimmed and groomed.

ü  Get your clipper ready plus any other tools that you will need for the process. Before you get started, get your dog’s collar and leash on. You will need a raised flat surface to groom your dog. For a comfortable trimming session, the surface should be waist-high. Attach the leash on an overhead leash holder to help steady your dog so you can shave him.

ü  Attach a suitable clipper blade to your clippers depending on the kind of cut you want to achieve. Turn the clippers on and start the trimming. It’s a good practice to start with the face. While trimming the face, you should be careful enough to avoid the eyes and the mouth to prevent any injuries.

ü  Next, you should shave the area under the belly and legs. Turn your dog on her back and carefully shave her belly. You should avoid shaving too deep to avoid injuring the skin.

ü  Once you are done with the belly and the areas under the legs, it’s time to shave your dog’s back. Put your dog to stand on her four legs. You should start from the back of the head towards the back including the sides. Remember to shave your dog in the direction of hair growth. Shaving in the opposite direction will pull the hair from the skin which may cause discomfort and even lead to injuries.

Considerations to Make When Buying Clippers

Small beautiful white bichon frise dog being trimmed by professional groomer

Giving your Bichon Frise the best grooming starts from having a quality clipper that is easy to use. Here are factors that can guide you into choosing the best dog clipper for your Bichon Frise.

Type of Clipper

Different types of clippers are available in the market. All these clippers are made for use on different dog breeds hence have different features. One of such features is cordless or corded design. For efficiency and ease of use, most dog owners prefer to go for cordless clippers. The only drawback of these cordless clippers is the life-span of the batteries.


If you are using a clipper that lacks the right size and type of blade, you will not get the desired results when trimming your dog. You will require different types of blades to shave different areas of your dog’s body. For example, you will require a longer blade when shaving areas around the ears and face.

Motor Speed

The speed of the clipper motor is very crucial in determining the quality of the instrument. Clippers with higher speeds are more powerful and will take the shortest time when grooming your pet. Clippers are also classified as either two-speed or single-speed. A two-speed clipper can operate in both high-speed and low-speed of the motor. A two-speed clipper makes it easy for you to make detailed cuts and achieve different styles of cuts.

Clipper Weight and Size

If you more than one pet that you would like to groom, then a lightweight clipper is the right trimming tool to go for. When trimming a long-haired dog like Bichon Frise, your wrists may get tired since it will take you quite a longer duration to shave your puppy. Using a lightweight clipper will ensure that wrist fatigue does not slow you down.


Q: Can I Use Human Clippers on My Bichon Dog?

A: No. Grooming your dog using human clippers isn’t recommended. Human clippers will cause injuries and wounds to your dog’s skin. Since a dog’s skin is very sensitive, you should only use clippers that are made for dogs.

Q: How Are Dog Clippers Different from Human Clippers?

A: There are key differences between dog clippers and human clippers. Dog clippers have more blades that are sharper than those in human clippers. Dog clippers also have wider teeth and more power. Dogs have different needs when it comes to clippers because of the way their hair grows. In dogs, a single pore contains between 3 to 7 hairs while in humans, only one hair grows in a single pore.

Q: Can I Use Clippers to Shave my Dog?

A: Yes. You can trim and shave your dog using dog clippers. You will choose different blade sizes depending on the kind of cut that you want to achieve. If you want shorter cuts, then you will need to use high blade sizes.


Only the best clippers for Bichon Frise can handle the thick coat when grooming your dog. We have reviewed for you the best dog clippers from some of the top brands. You can choose a brand that you feel will give you the best results with your dog.

When it comes to our pick, we recommend Oster Two Speed Pet Grooming Clipper. Its super quiet double-speed motor lets you cut your dog’s long and thick fur like a breeze. It is also reasonably priced hence you can get it even when you are on a budget. The clipper is also very durable due to its chew-proof casing.


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