Nieve – 14 month old female Cross-Breed

Nieve is a 14 month old female Cross-Breed. She is in the bigger side at roughly 20kg. She is a very energetic bubbly girl, who would benefit from a very active home with lots of local trails / walks as she gets very car sick so a home in a rural area would be brilliant.

She is house trained and crate trained, we would advise her new owner keep the use of the crate. She has made great progress in her foster home but can’t still get a bit over excited and jump up at human and nip sometimes.

So for these reasons we would ask for a experienced home with no children or older children who have experience with lively / energetic big dogs!

Nieve can be the only dog or would be happy with a dog of a similar energy level! Nieve will need an active home with someone who is able to stimulate her mentally and give her the physical exercise she needs, she can also scale a 5ft fence so having a secure garden area is an absolute must! She is so intelligent and very quick to learn so would be able to turn her paw to any activities!

Currently based in Dundee.

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