CEO Apologizes, Resigns After CCTV Footage Shows Him Abusing Dog

CCTV footage captured on August 22nd, 2020 at a Santa Monica apartment building has caused quite a stir. The video depicts a man named Jeffrey Previte abusing his dog Bici outside of his unit in the Seychelle Condominiums. Previte is the CEO of EBI Consulting, an environmental risk and compliance management consultancy firm.

Though Previte apologized, stepped away from his job, and rehomed the dog, several questions surrounding the incident remain. The incident is still under investigation by law enforcement.

The Night Of The Incident

A concierge at Seychelle Condominiums who wished to remain anonymous told The Daily Mail he overheard the dog’s cries.

“I heard the dog screaming and when I looked on the camera, I saw him beating the dog.”


In the disturbing footage, Previte grabbed his dog by the neck, smacked him, and even pushed him against the wall. The concierge then filed a report with the building’s management and informed Previte that he had the footage and intended to write a report.

“He became irate… and then he hung up on me. He apologized the next day, but I didn’t think it was a sincere apology.”


You can view the footage of the incident here, but be warned it contains images that may be disturbing to some.

“Words Are Not Enough Here”

Previte later issued an official apology to his friends and colleagues. He wrote:

“I want everyone to know that I truly regret my actions on August 22, 2020. Words can’t fully describe how sorry I am for what happened. I lost my temper and took unreasonable and unjustifiable action in attempting to discipline my dog Bici.”

Previte also acknowledged that an apology might not seem like enough, so he’s taking action to better himself.

“As I have said, words are not enough here, Bici is no longer living with me and is with another loving family. I have also stepped away from my job and am enrolling in anger management training.”

Previte’s Actions Have Been Reviled And Defended

Jeffrey’s brother Nolan Previte, also his co-CEO of EBI Consulting, defended his brother’s actions. He sent an email to EBI Consulting employees, saying his brother deeply cares for Bici.

“Please trust me here, Jeff certainly regrets the zealous discipline of the dog for peeing the rug, but I assure you this is absolute nonsense. He’s an extremely kindhearted, sensitive, caring and thoughtful person with zero cruel or abusive tendencies. He’s truly the opposite of cruel or abusive.”


The building management company wrote in a statement that they found Previte’s actions reprehensible.

“Building management stands behind our employee and we took swift action including contacting animal control and directing the resident to cease all contact with our employee. We continue to evaluate other measures that can be taken with our counsel.”

However, the concierge who reported the incident said the management company initially did not take his concerns seriously. Both Nolan and Jeffrey claim that the concierge tried to extort money out of Jeffrey with the footage.

“This has been weeks in the making, including attempted extortion, crazy false accusations, and building management ineptitude.”

The silver lining of the entire mess is that Bici no longer lives with Previte. Anyone with concerns or additional information can contact the Santa Monica PD at (310)458-8451 or by email:

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Charlie – 4-5 month old male Cross-Breed

This is our adorable little boy Charlie. Charlie is a very adorable 4 1/2 month old male Cross-Breed puppy seeking his forever home. He will probably be a medium size. He is a friendly, playful and inquisitive pup with all the traits of a puppy of this age.

He will need someone at home for most of the day as he is such a young boy and who will take on the training, exercise and rules and boundaries to give this youngster a fulfilling and happy forever home for the next 14-15 years.

Charlie has a litter brother Buddy who needs to find a separate home too. This is Charlie when he was a tiny puppy.

Charlie is an adorable puppy and can easily be homed with or without another suitable resident doggy companion and young enough to be homed with a cat and dog savvy respectful children.

Charlie is in foster in Waltham Abbey, Essex near J26 near J25. We are looking to home him in or around this area if possible.

Celebrities Snuggle Rescue Puppies At The Toronto Film Festival

At the annual Toronto Film Festival in September, filmmakers and stars gather to watch and celebrate noteworthy cinema. They also get the pleasure of meeting rescue puppies from Canadian rescue organization Finding Them Homes. Sadly, the festival went virtual in 2020 due to the pandemic. So: here’s a little look into the past and at some of the famous dog-lovers who got to participate in the puppy snuggles.

All of these celebs had the time of their lives at the 2018 and 2019 TFF thanks to pups:

1. Scarlett Johansson


The Marriage Story and Lost In Translation actress lost it when she saw how cute these puppies were. That puppy obviously didn’t know he was being held by an Oscar nominee.

2. Chris Pine


Chris Pine, who was there representing his film Outlaw King in 2018, got in on some cuddles too.

3. Christian Bale


Even when petting a puppy, the Dark Knight star remained all-business. The yawning puppy not so much.

4. Jessica Biel


While premiering her series Limetown, Jessica Biel had a chance to give a few puppies hugs. Gorgeous as she looks, the white dog on the right kind of outshines her in this picture.

5. Dev Patel


The actor attended the festival for his film The Personal History Of David Copperfield. He couldn’t help but explode into smiles with a little dog in his hands.

6. Hugh Laurie


Laurie managed to put on a familiar smirk when he picked up a little pup. It almost looks like the dog took that cue as well.

7. Kerry Washington


The Scandal star didn’t want to disturb a sleepy boy, so she compromised on pets alone. That little blep is to die for too!

8. Titus Burgess


Leave it to the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt star to pose like he was born for it. The puppies managed to stay still just long enough for this shot!

9. Nicole Kidman


The Big Little Lies actress got a whole armful of puppy in 2019.

10. Ellen Page


Page looked so smitten when this little puppy decided to take a full-on nap on top of her.

Finding Them Homes is an organization based in Ontario. They’re funded primarily through donation and fundraising efforts, and even though the TFF won’t occur this year you can still support this rescue here. For more updates on the Toronto Film Festival’s virtual happenings, check their website.

Featured Image: @peoplemag/Facebook

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Buddy – 4-5 month old male Cross-Breed

This is our adorable little boy Buddy. Buddy is a very adorable 4 1/2 month old male Cross-Breed puppy seeking his forever home. He will probably be a medium size. He is a friendly, playful and inquisitive pup with all the traits of a puppy of this age.

He will need someone at home for most of the day as he is such a young boy and who will take on the training, exercise and rules and boundaries to give this youngster a fulfilling and happy forever home for the next 14-15 years.

Buddy has a litter brother Charlie who needs to find a separate home too. This is Buddy when he was a tiny puppy. Buddy is an adorable puppy and can easily be homed with or without another suitable resident doggy companion and young enough to be homed with a cat and dog savvy respectful children.

Buddy is in foster in Waltham Abbey, Essex near J26 near J25. We are looking to home him in or around this area if possible.

Buddy is vaccinated, micro-chipped and holds a full EU Pet Passport. He will need to be neutered when he is old enough by his adopted owners and proof of this sent.

Bodhi – 1 year old male Cross-Breed

Bodhi is a 1 year old male Cross-Breed and medium sized. He came to the UK from Romania when he was 4 months old. He has been back in Foster for a few weeks now and all he really needed was a few manners taught and some boundaries which he didnt get in his previous home, critical training in early stages of puppy hood.

He’s a super friendly boy, loves other dogs and people. We are looking for an experienced home to continue his training, teenage children only, he can live with cats and dogs.

Bodhi will be neutered before going to his new home and he is microchipped, vaccinated with his own passport.

Homecheck and adoption fee apply. We prefer to home within a radius of approximately 50 miles of Stansted Airport area.

Vaccine Resistant Kennel Cough Strain Spreading in Southeast

A new strain of kennel cough is rapidly spreading in classic 2020 style. Veterinarians in the coastal North Carolina city of Wilmington are urging dog families to exercise caution. The outbreak has even led to the temporary suspension of some dog care services at area clinics. Could the disease spread wider?

sick dog NomNomNow

What is Kennel Cough?

Kennel cough is a highly contagious infection that attacks the respiratory system of dogs. It is passed from dog to dog through droplets from the respiratory system such as coughs or sneezes. The American Kennel Association reports the following symptoms in a dog infected with kennel cough:

  • a strong cough, often with a “honking” sound – this is the most obvious symptom
  • runny nose
  • sneezing
  • lethargy
  • loss of appetite
  • low fever

Bordetella Vaccine Usually Protects Dogs from Kennel Cough

Puppies receive a vaccination that protects them from kennel cough as part of the routine recommended vaccination schedule. The vaccine is first given in two doses two to four weeks apart. Boosters are given every six-twelve months after that. The vaccine targets the bordetella bacterium. This is the bacterium that most commonly causes kennel cough infection. 

sick dog

Vaccine Not Effective Because of New Bacterium Strain

Vets in Wilmington, North Carolina are seeing a big uptick in kennel cough cases. However, these new cases are not being caused by the bordetella bacterium. Dr. Chad Joplin of Atlantic Animal Hospital told WECT“We have a lot of tests out to a reference laboratory and we’ve been talking to clinics around town. What we are seeing is a different bacteria called Mycoplasma and that’s something that we don’t regularly vaccinate for.”

Vets Urging Dog Parents to Use Caution to Avoid the Spread

Kennel cough is thus named because it spreads rapidly amongst dogs that are in close proximity to one another. Boarding centers, for example, are filled with rows of kennels where dogs can easily spread the infection through the air or in shared water bowls or toys. Vets in the Wilmington area are urging dog parents to follow social distancing protocols to keep their dogs safe and slow the spread of this new kennel cough strain.

Boarding and Doggie Day Care Services Being Suspended

Clinics such as the Atlantic Animal Hospital are making changes to their services in response to the outbreak. For the time being, they are not offering daycare or boarding services. In phrasing that sounds all-too-familiar in 2020, Atlantic Animal Hospital sent an announcement to clients over the weekend. “In an abundance of caution, and along with other area providers, we will be temporarily closing our doggie daycare and day boarding services,” the written announcement said. 

If your dog shows symptoms of kennel cough, see your veterinarian, especially in light of this new strain of the contagious respiratory illness.


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HGTV’s Nicole Curtis Has Constant Tears After Rescue Dog’s Death

Nicole Curtis and Lucy

Dogs are like our furry children. HGTV star Nicole Curtis knows that better than anybody. Whenever she loses a furry family member, it breaks her heart, but she eventually chooses to adopt again. However, the recent death of her beloved Brussels Griffon mix Lucy nearly broke her.

While the details of Lucy’s death aren’t specified, it’s clear that the poor pup was gone too soon. Curtis turned to Instagram to share a long, emotional tribute to her late dog. It’s a heartbreak that will take her a long time to overcome.

Nicole Curtis with Rescue Dog
Image: @detrotidesign/Instagram

Love at First Sight

For a long time, Curtis said she didn’t want another dog after her previous dog named Polly passed away. But that’s when she met Lucy. She was at a charity auction for Secondhand Hounds, and she fell in love with the then 6-month-old rescue pup in a heartbeat. She described it like love at first sight.

Curtis adopted Lucy without hesitation. The pup quickly became spoiled and loved, just like every dog should. Lucy loved to be the center of attention, and Curtis said the little dog always walked around like she owned the place. However, she got into trouble often since she knew how to open cabinets and steal food off the counter. Yet, she was incredibly loyal.

“From the moment I brought her home, she slept curled into my belly, she spent 9 [months] curled against my pregnant belly, she then guarded my baby like he was her own,” said Curtis.

Cute Rescue Dog
Image: @detroitdesign/Instagram

The Pain of Saying Goodbye

Sadly, all great love stories come to an end eventually. Recently, Curtis had to say goodbye to Lucy after 8 years together. It’s unclear what the cause of Lucy’s death was, but no matter the reason, it’s devastating. Curtis shared a long, tear-jerking post on Instagram about her loss.

“My dog, Lucy, is gone. The tears haven’t stopped, the heartache is so bad that I’ve sat in my house just screaming her name out,” Curtis wrote. “My dear friends dug a hole, made her a casket as I just held her tight in her [favorite] spot in the sun on the porch. As the day started to fade, my best friend held me tight and said it’s time. My friend laid close and held me as I held my dear sweet baby and I sobbed and just took every last breath of her that I could.”

Dog passed away
Image: @detroitdesign/Instagram

With the post, she also shared a photo of her hugging the pup and sobbing. Beside her are molds of the pup’s paw prints. It’s an emotional scene that I’m sure all dog parents can relate to. Those who don’t have dogs might not understand, but our furry friends often hold the biggest spaces in our hearts. Lucy is probably still watching over her mom to this day.

Rest in peace, Lucy. You’ll be missed greatly.

Featured Image: @detroitdesign/Instagram

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The Best Brush for Maltese in 2020

Maltese dogs are cuddly and have a precious white coat that needs your special care. And to care for your dog’s coat, you will need the best brush for Maltese. But finding the best brushes for grooming Maltese may be tiring with so many brushes on the market. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way since we have rounded up a few incredible brushes for your dog. The brushes below might help you care for your dog’s coat for improved health and looks. So, be sure to read on for more information. 

What are the Best Grooming Brushes for Maltese?

The Best Brush for Maltese Overall – The best brush overall for grooming your Maltese dog should be a pin brush. Maltese dogs have a long coat and only a pin brush can penetrate deep to remove any tangle and mats that may form deep underneath the dog’s coat. 

But you should make sure the pin brush has round tips that will be gentle on your dog’s skin. Besides, the round tips will massage your dog’s skin thereby boosting blood circulation. Consequently, your dog’s general health will improve. Also, be sure to choose a brush that has a comfortable grip for better ergonomics. 

The Brush for Maltese Face – When looking to brush your dog’s face, you should carefully select a brush for your Maltese dog. That is because not all brushes will perform well to groom your dog’s face. Remember that your dog’s face is not only delicate but also has hard-to-reach places such as the nose, ears, and eyes. 

You want to make sure that you can remove all the debris and dirt in such areas of the face. And the best way to do so is to buy a brush for Maltese face. These brushes are specially designed for safely cleaning all areas of your dog’s face. And for this simple reason, they become the best brush for grooming your dog’s face.

The Best Comb for Maltese – After brushing your dog’s coat, combing it becomes ideal. Combing works to remove loose hair and tangles that might be persistent. And this leaves your dog’s coat smooth for better skin health. 

But for excellent results, you will need the best comb for your Maltese dog. To be precise, a comb with stainless-steel teeth will be ideal. Such teeth work to give your Maltese an extra fluff for a revitalized look! 

Dematting Brush for Maltese – Maltese dogs also shed their coats from time to time just like other dog breeds. Since the shedding process is recurrent, you can expect mat formation within your dog’s long coat occasionally. And to remove the mats which may cause skin problems, you will need a dematting brush. 

The Best Shedding Brush for Maltese – Dog shedding is a normal process. But the shed fur may ruin your furniture upholstery and other clothes within your home. To prevent any hairy mess in your living space, you should brush your Maltese coat with a shedding brush. 

A shedding brush will remove the shed hair from your dog’s coat before your dog can leave them on your sofas or clothes. Also, shedding brushes reduce the shedding process by up to 95%. As such, they’re a great tool for your Maltese dog. 

The Best Brush for Maltese Overall

Hertzko Pin Brush for Dogs and Cats

Hertzko Pin Brush for Dogs and Cats

One remarkable feature of the Maltese dog is its long hair. But with long hair, Maltese tend to shed a lot of furs. And this could pose serious tangles in its undercoat which may then result in serious skin issues. To make sure that you remove all the tangles that may be hidden in the Maltese undercoat, you will need Hertzko Pin Brush. 

That is because this brush is specially designed to remove all the tangles underneath your beautiful Maltese’s coat. This brush has soft and gentle round tips, making sure it doesn’t harm your dog’s skin during grooming. The brush also has wire bristles that excellently remove loose fur and dirt, leaving your dog clean and tangle-free at the same time.

As such, this brush is ideal for dogs during their shedding season. What’s more, this brush is ideal for dogs with short fur as well. And this makes it a versatile brush for removing tangles and loose fur underneath your dog’s coat. It is very comfortable with its thumb rest design. It, therefore, gives you enough control when brushing your dog. To improve its efficiency, you should use it daily on your Maltese. 

The Best Brush for Maltese Face

Master Grooming Tools Face and Finishing Combs

Master Grooming Tools Face and Finishing Combs

Your dog’s face has long hair that may fall to the floor. And this will make it necessary to groom your dog’s face. But not any brush is going to do the job right. As such, you will need the best brush for grooming your Maltese’s face. One such brush is the Master Grooming Tools Face. 

This brush has pins that are made of stainless steel. Also, the pins are ½-inch apart. These properties make the brush not only durable but also excellent at removing loose hair from your dog’s face. The pins also work efficiently to remove debris from dirt, food, and tear stains from the face of your Maltese dog breed. 

The pins glide through your dog’s face smoothly, and this guarantees safety when grooming your dog. Ergonomics is also considered with the brush’s plastic handle that excellently fits in the user’s hand. One thing you can expect from this comb is durability and unmatched performance. 

At an inexpensive price point, you get to groom your dog’s face like a professional if you invest in this brush. All these benefits make this brush ideal for grooming the face of your Maltese dog. 

The Best Dog Comb for Maltese

Dog Comb for Removes Tangles and Knots

Dog Comb for Removes Tangles and Knots

There are a few reasons why this comb is best for your Maltese dog. First, the comb has pins with round and gentle tips. These tips not only make the comb safe for your Maltese but also excellent at removing loose hair and dirt on your dog’s coat.

Also, the teeth are efficient at removing tangles on your Maltese’s coat. If you want to remove dander that is underneath your dog’s coat, you should opt for this comb as well. This makes the comb versatile and adapts to various needs. And this is why it is the best comb for your Maltese.

The comb is also comfortable to grip since it has a rubberized handle. Also, this design makes it anti-slip, which can only mean you will have more control when brushing your Maltese dog. Besides removing tangles, dirt, dander, and loose hair from your dog’s coat, this comb also gives your dog a massage! 

The round tip, therefore, boosts your dog’s blood circulation thus improving his health. The comb also comes backed by a lifetime warranty that has no risk. As such, your investment in a brush for your Maltese is protected. Besides, this product comes with an E-book to guide you on how to brush your dog. 

The Best Dematting Tool for Maltese

Safari Dog Dematting Comb

Safari Dog Dematting Comb

Since your Maltese has a long coat, mats may form in her coat. And this calls for an efficient de-matting comb. What makes Safari Dematting comb ideal for your Maltese is its highly efficient stainless-steel teeth. 

The stainless-steel blades are dual-sided to increase their efficiency at removing mats. Also, they’re serrated to comb out any tangle in your dog’s undercoat thus removing mats. This comb is ideal for any dog with a medium to long coat. 

Pets with a coarse coat can benefit from this comb as well. Its handle is comfortable since it is soft and is rubberized to make it slip-resistant. You will, therefore, have more control when removing mats from the coat of your Maltese dog. 

Besides removing mats, it also removes loose hair that may be hiding underneath your dog’s coat. It then prevents future mat formation if you use it to brush through your dog’s coat. The blades don’t hurt your dog’s skin, which means this comb is safe for use. Its ergonomic design and excellent mat removal performance make it a comb worth investing in if you have a long-haired pet like a Maltese dog. 

The Best Shedding Brush for Maltese

DakPets Pet Grooming Brush

DakPets Pet Grooming Brush

All dogs shed depending on their breed. You can’t stop the shedding process but you can only reduce it. Since Maltese dogs have a long coat, they can shed a lot of furs. But with a shedding brush, you can cut the shedding process by up to 95%. 

But 95% less shedding is only possible if you invest in this deshedding brush. This brush has detachable blades that remove loose hair that may be trapped underneath the coat of your Maltese dog. And by removing the loose hair, your dog’s coat will not have mats or tangles thus improving the skin’s health.

You can remove the blades and replace them with more efficient ones when removing the shed hair from your dog’s coat. And there is a quick-release button to help you switch the blades in a short time so you can groom your dog in minutes!

The handle is non-slip and soft thus ergonomic. Also, the brush has an eyelet for hanging it from your belt when grooming your dog. You can also use the eyelet to store the brush once you’re done grooming the dog. Since this brush is ideal for small, medium, and large dogs, it will serve your Maltese faithfully and with unmatched efficiency. And for these reasons, it’s worth the investment, especially if you’re looking to remove the shed hair from your dog’s undercoat.

FAQs Concerning the Brushing of Maltese Coat

Maltese dog and animal brush

How Often Should I Brush My Maltese Dog?

Some pet owners have long-haired Maltese dogs while others cut their dog’s coats short. Either way, they need to brush their dogs once a day. Brushing your Maltese dog every day will make him calm and free of mats and tangles that may cause a poor skin condition. Also, your dog will shed less fur when you brush him daily.

Is My Maltese Dog Shedding Some Fur?

All dogs shed but this is dependent on their breeds. Maltese have a single coat. This means they shed their coats but not much! However, you can reduce the coat shedding process by brushing her coat once a day. Daily brushing is more necessary for long-haired Maltese since they shed more. 

Is it Possible to Over-Brush a Maltese Dog?

Yes, it is possible to over-brush your Maltese dog. If you are brushing your dog more than once a day and are putting more pressure while grooming him, you are over-brushing your Maltese dog! Therefore, you should brush your dog only once a day and be gentle while doing so. Over-brushing your dog may result in skin irritation and bald spots due to hair loss. You, therefore, want to be gentle with your dog and avoid overdoing things. 

Is It a Good Idea to Shave My Maltese Dog?

You should keep your Maltese dog’s coat long if you want to show it. But if that is not the case, you can give your dog a short haircut. Also, a short haircut is best for pet owners who are looking to groom their dogs less often than the recommended once a day.

Besides, a Maltese with a short coat is more comfortable during outdoor walks. Brushing your dog is simpler if she has a short coat. Also removing loose hair, mats, and tangles is easier if your Maltese has a short coat. As such, it is a good idea to shave your dog if you’re not taking her to a pet show. 


You have all the reasons to care for your Maltese coat. You should care for your dog by brushing him to remove loose hair, tangles, and mats. But to do so, you’re going to need various brushes. Fortunately, you now have information about the best brushes for your Maltese dog. As a result, caring for your pooch might be easier. Give your Maltese the best care by grooming his coat daily for enhanced beauty and better health. 

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Moose Shows Up To Guys Yard, Lays Down And Miracles Happen

WARNING: Video Footage May Be Sensitive for Some Viewers.

Like many animals, moose are protective over their young. Baby moose are so tiny and delicate during their first seconds of life. Moving around and standing on their long, skinny legs is a struggle. So, that’s why moose moms carefully select a place to give birth. This particular mother has found comfort in an Alaska man’s yard for 6 years now!

The Miracle of Life

This moose mom first chose the man’s yard to give birth because he was kind to her. He gave her space and he even offered her an apple when she needed it. The man showed her nothing but respect as she rested in his backyard, ready to welcome her new baby into the world.

Moose Grooming Calf
Image: Screenshot, Levi Perry YouTube

Now, year after year, she returns to his yard when she’s ready to give birth in a safe space. This time was extra special because two girls got to witness it. They were able to film the incredible event from a safe distance. Later, Levi Perry posted the video on YouTube, saying “only in Alaska” would you see something so beautiful.

The video starts with the mom giving birth to a tiny baby. It’s a bit gross at first until the little moose starts to move on his own. He looks around and stretches out his legs. It takes him a few moments before he moves around, but soon, he’s ready to take on the world.

Soon, the mom comforts the newborn moose. She grooms him, helping make his coat clean and soft. The people are so in awe by the heartwarming scene that they don’t realize a second moose is on the way. It isn’t captured in the video, but the mom gives birth to a second calf while she’s caring for the first one.

Baby Moose Stands
Image: Screenshot, Levi Perry YouTube

Adorable Baby Moose Twins Learn to Walk!

Once the babies are groomed, they look much softer and much bigger. Soon, they decide that it’s time to walk. Baby moose can usually walk within only hours of their birth, but it’s not graceful at first.

The first baby stretches out his long legs, trying to stand up a few times. Yet, he topples over on more than one occasion. Later, the other calf tries, and he stands up straight for a few seconds. His legs look way too long for his body, but it’s extremely adorable. Sadly, he also topples over not long after. Luckily, mom is right there to comfort them.

Moose and Twin Babies
Image: Screenshot, Levi Perry Facebook

The video only shows 6 minutes of the moose calves’ life, so it’s clear that they still have a lot of learning to do. Hopefully, the mom will return again next year to deliver more beautiful calves. After all, it’s clear that she feels comfortable in the presence of these humans. This video just goes to show that being kind to an animal is such a rewarding experience.

Watch the Incredible Footage Below:


Featured Image: Screenshot, Levi Perry YouTube

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Rescue Dog Hit By Car Needs Thousands Of Dollars To Recover

Dog on beach

Christine Moran’s two dogs, Luke and Lucy, are her life. She loves them more than they could ever know, so when one of them gets hurts, she does everything she can to save them. So far, the rescue pups have lived a happy, healthy life. That is, until Luke got a little too curious one day.

A car struck the pup when he ran off to go on his own adventure. His numerous injuries were severe, but Moran knew that she could save him. She just had to find a way to raise the money for his medical bills.

Two Small Dogs
Image: Luke LucyLu Moran Facebook

Too Much Curiosity

Luke was rescued from the Southamptom Animal Shelter in New York when he was just a tiny puppy. Like most young dogs, he has always been curious and playful. But now, his curiosity got him into trouble.

“Our sweet boy Luke was hit by a car on Roanoke Avenue in Riverhead after curiosity got the best of him and he was somehow able to get out of our fenced-in yard,” Moran said.

Poor Luke had injuries on his lungs, hips, and shoulders. He spent a lot of time waiting in an oxygen tank until his lungs were strong enough to go through surgery. Now, his lungs are doing better, but he still has a broken shoulder. Moran says he’ll need a plate implanted in his shoulder. His care and recovery might take a long time, but vets are confident that he will survive.

Dog sad eyes
Image: Luke LucyLu Moran Facebook

Help Luke Recover!

The vets estimate that Luke’s medical bills could reach up to $10,000. But, of course, Moran thinks it’s worth it to keep her beloved pup safe. She already received a loan of about $5,000, but she knows she’ll need a lot more to cover everything. So, she has been reaching out to friends, family, and fellow dog lovers for support.

“The estimates we received are over $8,000,” Moran wrote on GoFundMe. “But Luke will make it through this. Doctors are convinced he will live a long and full life after surgery. Family, friends, and pet lovers that have offered to help can do so here. We love you for your friendship, caring, and love. We are looking forward to holding our boy Luke in our arms again and receiving his kisses.”

Dog on Beach
Image: Luke LucyLu Moran Facebook

If you’d like to help Luke recover, please donate to his GoFundMe. Moran still needs a couple thousand dollars to meet her goal, so every donation makes a difference. Hopefully, Luke will soon make a quick and successful recovery!

Featured Image: Luke LucyLu Moran Facebook

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